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Redemption’s Run (Star Tribune Publishing; May 8, 2017)


Some people will do anything to chase a dream; some will do anything to escape one.


Kacie Aldrich, age 12, has never known her father. She often dreams of him and sketches him as a pirate, a reflection of her mother’s stories. When tragedy strikes, Kacie’s dreams are shattered. She fears for her future, until a mysterious young captain appears in her hometown of Bayfield, Wisconsin. Then, Kacie believes she has found her pirate.


But 29-year-old Jack McKinney has little time for Kacie’s dreams. His own are dark and violent, and he refuses to speak of them. Searching for answers, Kacie stows aboard Kinney’s boat, Redemption. Her desperate actions drive them into the heart of a storm to confront old ghosts, long-buried secrets and the wrath of Lake Superior. Now, they must not only fight for their lives, but also overcome scars of the past, to help each other heal.


Set in the scenic beauty of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, “Redemption’s Run” is a heartfelt tale of how family can run beyond blood…and how redemption can come in unexpected ways.


“The characters are complex, frustrating and ultimately endearing—especially Kacie…She rings true as a pre-teen, making some incredibly bad decisions, but also exhibiting a lot of courage and fortitude.  This is an action-packed read and one that both adults and young adults will enjoy.”  —  Kate Parry, Star Tribune


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Readers say:


“I have absolutely loved this book.  I am feeling sad knowing we are coming to the end.  I have loved the characters, especially Kacie.  Thank you for keeping me in suspense everyday.”


“I read it while sitting on the edge of my chair,

I just can’t figure out what is going to happen next . . .

I love the language of the book as well, how

melodic the words sound when put together.”


“A great story that has just the

right amount of mystery and suspense.”









                                                                           Cover art by Jonathan Bartlett, Star Tribune

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