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The Premiere of "Redemption's Run"

May 28, 2017 – This week marks the premiere of “Redemption’s Run” in the Star Tribune newspaper ( and online (

Boatloads of thanks to my editors, family and co-workers who’ve been so supportive along the journey, particularly Kate Parry and Laurie Hertzel at the Star Tribune. Voyages go smoother with a good crew, and I’m lucky to have some of the best!

Thanks especially to those of you who’ve already purchased the book and have been gracious enough to say kind things about it. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the adventures of Kacie, Kinney and that rascally Pirate. I have a feeling there might be more to come…

People have asked me how it feels to be a “published” author, and I’m never quite sure how to respond. It’s like asking a cohabiting couple, “How does it feel to be married now?”

Ummm. Different. And not.

Kacie, Kinney and I have been living together for so long that they’re part of my bloodstream and DNA. They’re probably sick of me tagging after them, jotting down their thoughts and actions (I know Kinney is; he gets nervous about it). They need a little space to live in peace. At least, for a while.

However, I’m sure they’d appreciate some new company and friendly faces on their adventures, so—please!—by all means, climb aboard and hoist the sails. Lend a hand on deck, if you like. Or, simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Just remember, right foot first.


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